Friday, January 1, 2010



WOW how in the world can it already be a new year? The time just slips by I guess when you are having fun. Before I know it Chloe will be turning 7, and the boys will be 10 & 14! I really don't know how this has happened.

The kids are always telling you ALWAYS talk about school. Yes I do, I truly can not help it. It is an addiction I think. I so want to be doing what is right for them and I can only hope I am doing it right.

Hard to believe that we are going into our 5th month of school in our 1st year of homeschooling. We have MADE IT! We might not be as far along in the books as we should but hey that is OK! At least that is what all my home school friends tell me:)

Something happened this week that really made me happy in my decision to school the kids. Joshua needs more time in long division, he gets it but he just does not like it and he rushes through and makes mistakes, SO we are taking a few days to refresh our steps. If he was in school, he would be left where he is and would have to go on. Major plus on schooling them myself! Each day we ALL learn something new!

We did some school yesterday, but will start back full force on Monday. Today they will read some and work on math. Not a lot just a little, to get them some what ready to start back. Are we ready? I think we are.. I think ALL kids thrive on a schedule....I will continue to take it one day at a time and we will make it through our 1st year!

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