Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas

I can not believe we are so close to yet another Christmas! I pray that everyone has a safe and Blessed holiday. Remember the REASON for the Season...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking Ahead

How can it already be November? Mom was right, once you have kids the time will seem to fly by. Oh, how right she was! Just marked the 24th anniversary of my moms passing. It never is easy when this time of year comes around. I think of her often when I see the days and months pass by faster than I would like them to. I so wish she could have been here to see me married and to see her grandbabies. I truly believe one day she will.

The kids and I are looking forward to the Thanksgiving break, we need to really buckle down these next 2 weeks and get as much as we can done and try hard to be at a good stopping point. I hope that this Thanksgiving break I will be able to put the school stuff up and lock my office and stay OUT! I need to make it a point to do that and not mess with school during this wonderful time of year. A season of THANKS!

I am so very thankful for a lot of GOD, family and friends....with out any of them, this life would not be fun that is for sure. My hope is for everyone to take a moment and really think about what they are Thankful for and truly enjoy this time of year and to see just how lucky we all are!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Joshua had his first art class on Friday. He did wonderful I do believe:)

He really enjoyed it. The class is held at Hobby Lobby every Friday for two hours, the lady teaches with pastels. This will clash with our sports day stuff the kids do, but I will leave it up to him which he wants to do when they clash every other week.

He came home sharing all about it...and plans on doing some practice work this next week. We shall see what he comes up with next.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something Fun

And yes she was still in her PJ's:)

More Workboxes!!

Have I told you how much I really Love these things? Here is what Chloe worked on today.
Abeka Math

Dictionary Practice Sheet

We have been learning about farming...reading some books on the side.

Bob Jones English Test, It is the chapter review but will use it like a test, it covers the same exact thing the tests have.

Fun Box

Bob Jones History

Abeka Reader


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September!!

Who else can not believe it is already September?? Unreal if you ask me. This month is a special month of the year, my hubby and I celebrate 15 years of marriage on the 23rd. WOW!!! We started dating in high school back in Jan 1991. That right there is unreal:) A good time of year....hope everyone is having a great school year so far!

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Office/School Room!!!

Joshua working on Bible

Extras for the workboxes and folder games

Some of my fun things, other stuff is kept in my school closet...Like being able to see stuff I have.

My new office/School Room! Love it!!!

After much talk, we have moved the boys into the game room. My new office/school room is now in Joshua's old room, and Landon's room we are making plans to be the foster childs room. For right now the boys have set up some tables in there to have a quiet spot to go work when needed. They loved it today!
I LOVE the new space. It is so nice to be able to have the room for my stuff. I have some of my things in the room along with my school closet. Not having things at the top of my stairs in the main hall is wonderful! I sure hope this set up lasts. I think the BEST part is at the end of the school day I can shut the door and no one can see it, if it is a mess:)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

One week down....

We made it through our 1st full week of school. I really think it went well. When I think back to last year and starting out new...I would say this year is a lot smoother. Thankfully, no major far.

One thing I that I had more of me to go around, I wish I had enough time and energy to give all three the same amount of one on one time. The boys are older than Chloe and I should not let it get to me that I can't do for them like I have to for Chloe. I try hard to devote as much time to them as I can throughout the day, but I am only one person....but we all work together and make it work.

Here are some pics of our week.....won't post all of them....just a few to share. Bring on week #2!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Joshua is now the BIG 10! I have no idea how this has happened. As with all my kids the years are FLYING by. Joshua will be a BIG 5th grader this year....can I cry now? Here is an older picture of of my many favorites.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Plans for Joshua....

Saxon Math


Reading Log/Books Read

Daily Reading..Abeka

Daily Work Language. Abeka.. would like to write out plans another way but for now this works just fine.

Language Record Page for Texts/Quizzes

Math Record Sheet for Daily Work and Texts
we have already been doing math...

Conduct sheet, like with Chloe I will fill it out and they will color it in to show dad each day. Reward after two weeks. We still need to come up with what reward and what they have to have in two weeks to get that reward.

Joshua will be doing SOS for Bible, Science and History. These are done on the computer. We have never used SOS, so we shall see how it goes. He might also take Rosetta Spanish as well, have it on his list but not sure yet.


Box 1: Daily Devotion

Box 2: Spelling/Voc

Box 3: New Math Review/Board Work

Box 4: Journal Work

Box 5: English

Box 6: Math

Box 7: Science

Box 8: Read

I set Chloe's boxes up for our 1st day, we will be starting full time on Monday the 16th.
Not a really heavy load, not even sure if we will make it thru all the boxes or not...we will try. I just filled 8 instead of the 10 I have.

Something new I am going to try this year, after we review and do board work for math Chloe hates to go right to her math sheet. I want to break those things up, I hope it will help her enjoy math more.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things for Chloe....

Chloe made the cover:) Here is where I will try to keep papers for each subject loaded and ready to pull out each day for her workboxes. I think this will help me alot! I have all my "extras" for her boxes in a crate that I will pull from as well, to change it up.
I am working on one for Boys as well. But they probably won't care:P

I am doing this for Joshua as well. A daily conduct sheet. I will fill it in and let them color in the face under Behavior and they will have to show dad when he gets home. I need to come up with a good reward system after they fill a page (2 weeks worth) IF they do well.

Math Sheets ready to pull and other subects all ready.

Trying something new with Chloe this year. The Science notebook will be for Science Experiments. She will list all material, steps, what she thinks will happen, what happens and why...Also this has all the daily sheets to go with her book.
This year I plan on devoting a week to Science, then a week of History and so on. I feel this will give us a better chance to really dig deep and learn the material, making Fridays or Experiment Days

Daily Writing Section. I found these neat monthly Journal entries we will try. Also she has her cursive work, and other fun writing sheets and Bible copy work. All with in a hands reach for mom. I really think this will be nice.

Doing this with all the kids...will mainly do a spreadsheet list for Landon, since he is in high school and I really need to list everything. But this sheet will work for the other two. It will also be neat to see how much they read during the school year.

For Spelling Used Abeka last year..But I like this better..It works on Voc mainly, but Chloe will also have to spell the words to me.

This is the daily Devotion Chloe will do each morning, along with changing it our with her Awana book for church. It is a cute little book, and something we will keep for years to come and look back on.

And...Music this year...We are going to TRY to learn the recorder...remember these:) I will try to do it with both Joshua and Chloe. Shall see how it works.

There you have it. I am so ready to start school!