Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Box 1: Daily Devotion

Box 2: Spelling/Voc

Box 3: New Math Review/Board Work

Box 4: Journal Work

Box 5: English

Box 6: Math

Box 7: Science

Box 8: Read

I set Chloe's boxes up for our 1st day, we will be starting full time on Monday the 16th.
Not a really heavy load, not even sure if we will make it thru all the boxes or not...we will try. I just filled 8 instead of the 10 I have.

Something new I am going to try this year, after we review and do board work for math Chloe hates to go right to her math sheet. I want to break those things up, I hope it will help her enjoy math more.


  1. Hi There
    I just read your blog, found it on the workboxes site. I am going to start workboxes this year I think. I trying to figure out space issues. Anyway always looking for ideas. If you are interested my blog is
    I am a novice at blogging so any feed back would be great. I will be following your blog to see how you use your workboxes:)

  2. Thanks for looking! Good luck this year, the boxes are great!!

  3. Hello! Came from the workbox yahoo support group. Where did you find the spiral bound journal (box 4). Would love to have that for my girls.

    Sounds like you're off to a great start!

  4. Hey Abby....I got it from my new fave store is a link|searchResults~~p|2534374302101608~~f|/Assortments/Lakeshore/ShopByCategory/language/readingcomprehension.jsp

  5. Thanks Brenna! They do help a lot!