Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Plans for Joshua....

Saxon Math


Reading Log/Books Read

Daily Reading..Abeka

Daily Work Language. Abeka.. would like to write out plans another way but for now this works just fine.

Language Record Page for Texts/Quizzes

Math Record Sheet for Daily Work and Texts
we have already been doing math...

Conduct sheet, like with Chloe I will fill it out and they will color it in to show dad each day. Reward after two weeks. We still need to come up with what reward and what they have to have in two weeks to get that reward.

Joshua will be doing SOS for Bible, Science and History. These are done on the computer. We have never used SOS, so we shall see how it goes. He might also take Rosetta Spanish as well, have it on his list but not sure yet.


  1. Hi Rebecca! I found your blog from the Workbox Yahoo group! I am your newest follower! I have been homeschooling my 4 kids since 2005, but new to workbox this year. I'm still working on my own version of workboxes and will be starting on Aug. 16th too. I like your workbox layout. Simple and organized :) I just started blogging in June 2010. Come visit me if you get a chance and follow me back if you'd like. Leave a comment too :) Have a blessed school year!

  2. Hi found you on work boxes. Great job on the boxes. I am still in the planning stages waiting for a few things to arrive from the states as we are oversea at the moment. I just started a blog but I am very new at it. Stop by and give me feedback if you get a chance. Always looking for ways to improve

  3. Thanks ladies! We did not get to start on the 16th like we wanted, the kids went to Nana's for a few days:) We start today!!! Have a great year!!!