Monday, August 30, 2010

New Office/School Room!!!

Joshua working on Bible

Extras for the workboxes and folder games

Some of my fun things, other stuff is kept in my school closet...Like being able to see stuff I have.

My new office/School Room! Love it!!!

After much talk, we have moved the boys into the game room. My new office/school room is now in Joshua's old room, and Landon's room we are making plans to be the foster childs room. For right now the boys have set up some tables in there to have a quiet spot to go work when needed. They loved it today!
I LOVE the new space. It is so nice to be able to have the room for my stuff. I have some of my things in the room along with my school closet. Not having things at the top of my stairs in the main hall is wonderful! I sure hope this set up lasts. I think the BEST part is at the end of the school day I can shut the door and no one can see it, if it is a mess:)


  1. Love your school room. I'm a huge fan of workboxes, too. This is our first year using them, and who would have thought something so simple could prove so effective. Following from the Workbox Blog Roll.