Sunday, February 21, 2010

Almost March??

Wish that someone could tell me how in the world we are almost into March of this year? I really have no idea how it has happened so fast. Will be starting our 7th month of school....blows my mind! Also Chloe will be turning 7 on the 18th. I feel so old:)

School is going well....the past few weeks with my father in law being ill and still in the hospital my mind really has not been on school. We are still trying our hardest to get what we need done each day. My fear is WILL we finish? But really whos to say that we need to be done by May anyway right??

I plan on taking school into the summer, not every day but a few days a week. Back when the boys were in public and private they NEVER finished a book, so why worry right? My MAIN goal is to get them to finish their math me that is a MAJOR subject we do not need to slack in. Joshua will for sure finish his Science book way before and I was thinking of starting him on his Health book, but I think I will save that to do over the summer. I really want to continue math and reading with all three and writing with Chloe. I will not beat myself up over this! We will do what we can and go from there.

I am starting to get asked if we will be schooling again next year....I have my days when I say no to myself but then I get over it. Really in all honesty it has NOT been that bad. The only thing I really had to get used to was being with my kids all day:P But it is all good. We still have our days when the kids complain but whos kid does not complain about school? If you have one that does not complain please tell me your secret.

I truly have enjoyed not having to get up early and rush to get the kids to school, and really have NOT missed the homework stage of when the kids attened school outside the home..I will pass on that thank you very much! Also a major plus has been taking days to go to the Zoo, park or what ever and not having to take the kids out of school early for Dr visits and such. Also with my father in law in the hospital we were able to just take off and go and take the school with us. Very nice indeed.

I have so many ideas on what I will do different next year....each day I learn something new not to do and what to do different...I have really enjoyed wacthing the kids learn new things and excel. Chloe has been BEGGING to start cursive and with her 1st grade Abeka kit we have the book but I have put it off...We are going to start that tomorrow...she does not know yet, she is going to be thrilled...Good thing about it is that is she likes it she likes it and if she does not no big deal!

I really have no idea HOW I have made it this far in schooling the kids, but each day that passes just shows me we CAN do this! I look forward to the day that I can say 1 full year when asked how long I have been homeschooling:) Sound dorky?