Monday, November 2, 2009


How in the world can it be November already??

I do have my days that I ask myself can I REALLY do this home school thing? Then there are days that I am like sure I can! Then I see that the months are really flying by and that really helps me get by...I really am doing this!

Being with the kids 24/7 is going well. Some days I just don't know:P But then that day passes and we made it! I love my kids so much and am so thankful that I get this time with them.

Chloe is very trying lately, she is so strong willed. I pray daily that this stage will pass soon! I don't remember the boys being this way:) She loves being home with mom and doing her school with me. She does have days where she will complain about the work, but we just make it happen.

The boys are doing great, some days are better than others, even after the hard days I know this is the best thing for the kids and they are growing up way too fast and before we know it they will all be grown and on their own. I am so thankful that I can do this for them, the boys also love being home and I pray that will continue.

So I will just continue to pray and take it one day at a time:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Truly Amazing...

We are all adjusting well to our journey at home. Getting things we need done daily, taking much needed breaks and trying to have as much fun as we can in between.

Each day I stand amazed at how well the kids are all doing....

Landon is doing well in his 8th grade year. WOW one year away from high school. How can that be? He is doing well in all his areas, since the higher grades he could really care less for school, but he gets what he know needs to be done, done. Some days are harder than others, but hey it happens. The lit/writing class he takes at the church is not his fave, but I think it is a good thing for him to get to do.

Joshua is a natural learner...both boys are pretty much self led, we have the DVD's for them to have if needed. Thankfully both boys can take their agendas for the day and work thru it all....they come to me when needed and help each other out as well.

Chloe is amazing! I owe SOOOO much to her Kinder teacher at the Christian Academy last year...She totally gave her the start she needed with her reading and everything else! Chloe is a great learner.....she is so independent, I still think she needs to be right by me, but some days she will beg to do her work in her room like the boys get to.....I let her but still try to keep her close:) The other day Joshua was doing his History on the trampoline, Chloe asked if she could....I told her soon:)

I hope to now that the weather is nicer, to plan picnics to the park and do our schooling outside some...should be fun. I truly enjoy the no home work at night, and the too early mornings and the freedom we have.

Very Blessed!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Making our way..

We had a blast going to the home school day at Sea World in San Antonio. The kids really enjoyed feeding and petting the dolphins, it really was their favorite part. Our hotel was right on the river walk and we enjoyed a nice walk and dinner on the walk. We also visited the caverns in George Town. Very neat!!

Schooling is going well...I am having a hard time on a few areas. One is am I doing this right? I feel I am not giving each of the kids what they need from me. They are all doing well in all their areas...doing great on the quizzes and tests that come with the material. I know that says a lot. I just need to iron out a few things in a few areas and I know it will be ok.

We have only been schooling a little over a month...We have only just begun. I know there is still tons to learn with what to do and what not to do. It will all be ok...right?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Reasons we home school..

Many people ask me "WHY" do we do IT? I hate when people call Home Schooling IT, but what do you do?

---More time to get to know my kids.( I will not lie, last year when I had the whole day to myself when I finally had all three in school all day after having kids home for 10 years I was READY!!! But really when it comes down to it...was that 7 plus hours of alone time really worth it? I was hit real hard with the quilt I felt loving that time is important but that much FREE time is not as important as MY kids are. I know this is a major sacrifice that I am doing for them, but really I would not have it any other way.
---no wasted time while doing the school work, we master something we move waiting to be able to move on
---Being able to limit the exposure to the negatives of the world such as peer pressure, cliques, drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence...I know we can't HIDE them from everything but we can do our best to limit it.
---Work on our time, at our own pace..such a WONDERFUL THING!
---One of the best things is NO home work! My oldest would have a up to 3 hours of work a night on top of the the time spent at school, he would get home..pretty much have to re teach it and then mess with it all and get him to do the work....very stressful! If anything now they have extra reading or maybe study for a test they may be having the next day....sure beats the 3 plus hours of work a night we were getting!
---I think the #1 main reason we do IT is because the Lord laid this on our hearts big time. Ever since I had my oldest home schooling was in the back of my mind, the main reason I think I could not do it was I was afraid I just could not do it. I have been learning lately that the Lord will not give you more than you can handle. I know with his help I can do this....there are many days I think I can't and my poor husband hears it all...but some how we just go on. Taking it one day at a time....

I pray that I will continue this journey with my kids...and that the eyes and hearts or others will open up to the subject of Home Schooling and support it more...and maybe not be afraid to even try it.

And If I hear one more person ask how can you be with your kids ALL day I think I will parents are we NOT supposed to WANT to be with them?

Great DAY!!!

If everyday went like today did I sure would be a much happier mommy:) The kids all did great getting all their work done and without complaining about it. Chloe even wanted to do some extra reading:) Such a wonderful day!!!

I need to get my act in gear and get more lesson plans ready for Chloe. I want so much to stay ahead of the game. Starting each day knowing what we are doing makes the day run a lot smoother.

The kids are looking forward to Sports Day tomorrow, and really looking forward to going to Sea World next week! I am so ready to get away and take a much needed break. Will share about the getaway when we get back.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is it Friday yet???

Why is it some days are great and others not so great???

Today was one of the not so great ones, when I am not in a good mood, things just don't go well. Tomorrow WILL be a better day...I need to start drilling that into my head now to get myself in a better mood for tomorrow.

Maybe hubby will take the kids to church tonight and I can just sit in quiet and do some praying and get myself ready for tomorrow:) Sounds like a plan to me.

My oldest needs to start getting a better attitude on school work. He does not like it, never has. But I try to tell him...hey at least you don't have 3-4 hours of homework at night after sitting at a desk for 7 hours like you would at get over it and just do the work....The time he spends on complaining he could be done a long time ago....and I always have to remind him that yes Chloe will finish before you, she is only in 1st you are in the Math:P

Tomorrow will be better!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Weekend Gone...

I have no idea where the hours go on a weekend. All I know is that they seem to fly by! I sure wish they didn't. We had a great weekend so can't complain too much.

Tomorrow we start week #4...These past 4 weeks really have gone fast. Looking forward to the many weeks to come. I need to work on the lesson plans for Joshua this week, don't want to get behind in that area...need to work on staying ahead as much as I can.

Should be a fun week! I start my Beth Moore Bible study on Monday night, Awana/youth stuff on Wed, class for Landon on Thursday with the other two having their library time ( I think this week I will work with them on looking up books on the computer and then try to find the books on the shelves, then Friday all morning the kids have Sports Day ( kids look forward to these Fridays as we have a short school day at home:) )

Hope every one has a great week!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our new journey begins....

Home Schooling our kids has always been at the back of our minds over the years. The thought of home schooling the kids has always scared me, my husband was for it long before I ever was...did he know what he was talking about? Does he have any idea what it all involves?

Both our boys ages 13 & 9 have both attended public and private schools, with our daughter 6 only attending private for both Pre-K and K. I have nothing against either options. Since moving to a bigger city and religious reasons and the hand of our Lord laying this on us, after much thought and prayer we took the plunge!

YIKES!! Was I ever scared but also so excited. My main concern was could I do it? I know from the day we have our children we are not only their parents but also their teachers. I also came to the realization that the Lord would not give me anything I could not handle, and I know this is what he would want us to do. I have peace with the decision, even when at the end of a school day I ask myself can I REALLY do this? I was convicted with a song one told about the sacrifice that the Lord made for me with his life, made me stop and think..Hey I can sacrifice my time and my life for my kids at this time in their lives, I will not lie when last year I finally had all three kids in school after having them home for 10 years I really enjoyed MY time, but is MY time more important than my kids???? Its not!

We searched and looked into many curriculum choices, and after much thought we went with A Beka. Yes as 1st timers we went all out, got the complete kit for all three..I needed this structure and lesson plans:) Not knowing how to do this, having these things brought me peace of mind, and now after three full weeks of schooling my kids I think I could do it with out the plans, but you live and learn..maybe this next summer I can take the time to pull different things together myself and save a bit of money, I do not regret going with the full sets with A Beka but now I know I can do it on my own.

We are getting ready to start up our 4th week of school! The time really does fly by, we are doing it! The kids are involved with Church on both Sunday and Weds, we have a life group through church we attend together as a family once a month. The kids attend a sports day every other Friday. In just two weeks we are going to Sea World to attend their home schooling day, the kids are very excited. Once the weather cools down we are planning trips out more. I want to get the kids involved in soup kitchens, nursing homes and animal shelters. I think I have the socialization thing down for those that will ask me about that:)

My hope is to try and get my thoughts down and not only to share with other Home Schooler's out there but also a chance for our family and friends to pop in when they want and check up on us and see how we are doing. Support is so very important!