Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Reasons we home school..

Many people ask me "WHY" do we do IT? I hate when people call Home Schooling IT, but what do you do?

---More time to get to know my kids.( I will not lie, last year when I had the whole day to myself when I finally had all three in school all day after having kids home for 10 years I was READY!!! But really when it comes down to it...was that 7 plus hours of alone time really worth it? I was hit real hard with the quilt I felt loving that time is important but that much FREE time is not as important as MY kids are. I know this is a major sacrifice that I am doing for them, but really I would not have it any other way.
---no wasted time while doing the school work, we master something we move waiting to be able to move on
---Being able to limit the exposure to the negatives of the world such as peer pressure, cliques, drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence...I know we can't HIDE them from everything but we can do our best to limit it.
---Work on our time, at our own pace..such a WONDERFUL THING!
---One of the best things is NO home work! My oldest would have a up to 3 hours of work a night on top of the the time spent at school, he would get home..pretty much have to re teach it and then mess with it all and get him to do the work....very stressful! If anything now they have extra reading or maybe study for a test they may be having the next day....sure beats the 3 plus hours of work a night we were getting!
---I think the #1 main reason we do IT is because the Lord laid this on our hearts big time. Ever since I had my oldest home schooling was in the back of my mind, the main reason I think I could not do it was I was afraid I just could not do it. I have been learning lately that the Lord will not give you more than you can handle. I know with his help I can do this....there are many days I think I can't and my poor husband hears it all...but some how we just go on. Taking it one day at a time....

I pray that I will continue this journey with my kids...and that the eyes and hearts or others will open up to the subject of Home Schooling and support it more...and maybe not be afraid to even try it.

And If I hear one more person ask how can you be with your kids ALL day I think I will parents are we NOT supposed to WANT to be with them?

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  1. oh I AGREE!! My kids of course drive me crazy sometimes, but over all I LOVE being with them. It's so annoying when someone asks, how can you? Don't you need a break? I couldn't, they would drive me crazy, or I need the break. Grrr