Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our new journey begins....

Home Schooling our kids has always been at the back of our minds over the years. The thought of home schooling the kids has always scared me, my husband was for it long before I ever was...did he know what he was talking about? Does he have any idea what it all involves?

Both our boys ages 13 & 9 have both attended public and private schools, with our daughter 6 only attending private for both Pre-K and K. I have nothing against either options. Since moving to a bigger city and religious reasons and the hand of our Lord laying this on us, after much thought and prayer we took the plunge!

YIKES!! Was I ever scared but also so excited. My main concern was could I do it? I know from the day we have our children we are not only their parents but also their teachers. I also came to the realization that the Lord would not give me anything I could not handle, and I know this is what he would want us to do. I have peace with the decision, even when at the end of a school day I ask myself can I REALLY do this? I was convicted with a song one told about the sacrifice that the Lord made for me with his life, made me stop and think..Hey I can sacrifice my time and my life for my kids at this time in their lives, I will not lie when last year I finally had all three kids in school after having them home for 10 years I really enjoyed MY time, but is MY time more important than my kids???? Its not!

We searched and looked into many curriculum choices, and after much thought we went with A Beka. Yes as 1st timers we went all out, got the complete kit for all three..I needed this structure and lesson plans:) Not knowing how to do this, having these things brought me peace of mind, and now after three full weeks of schooling my kids I think I could do it with out the plans, but you live and learn..maybe this next summer I can take the time to pull different things together myself and save a bit of money, I do not regret going with the full sets with A Beka but now I know I can do it on my own.

We are getting ready to start up our 4th week of school! The time really does fly by, we are doing it! The kids are involved with Church on both Sunday and Weds, we have a life group through church we attend together as a family once a month. The kids attend a sports day every other Friday. In just two weeks we are going to Sea World to attend their home schooling day, the kids are very excited. Once the weather cools down we are planning trips out more. I want to get the kids involved in soup kitchens, nursing homes and animal shelters. I think I have the socialization thing down for those that will ask me about that:)

My hope is to try and get my thoughts down and not only to share with other Home Schooler's out there but also a chance for our family and friends to pop in when they want and check up on us and see how we are doing. Support is so very important!


  1. Your doing such an amazing job! I agree, I like MY time, but my kids are worth more. One day we will wake up and realize our children are adults, this is one more way to enjoy their childhoods.
    I'm glad it's going so well and can't believe you are starting week 4 already!!! WAY TO GO!
    Trish C

  2. Trisha ..thanks so much for your kind words..We know we are doing what is best for our kids and what GOD would want us to do...
    I will post this Verse...

    Deuteronomy 6:6-9