Thursday, April 22, 2010


Have not posted in a while about how things are going in this area....
All I can say is we WILL be using them again next year! I would be lost without them. Chloe does very well using them. I wish I had them at the start of the school year.

On to the boxes..

#1 Abeka Spelling

#2 Abeka Math

#3 Cursive Practice Sheet

#4 Abeka Reader

#5 Speed Drill Practice Sheet

#6 Abeka Phonics Sheet

#7 Abeka Language Sheet

#8 Place Value Cards..I have her read the number out and write in on a white board

#9 Abeka History

#10 Latch hook, she has not done this in a long time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soccer Time

Joshua and Chloe seem to enjoy it. Chloe was stand offish at first, but then really got into it. Thankfully they both practice on the same night at the same fields, hey I will take that!