Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012-2013 School Year

I have no excuse as to why I have not updated this blog since the start of last school year:( I guess the only thing I can blame it on is just being busy, and just not taking the time to do so.  I can only hope to do better this year.

This past week Chloe has began some of her schooling...including her Art and Sign Language class she is taking outside the home. This is a BIG deal, she has not taken any kind of class away from me since we started to homeschool her 1st grade year. It is so hard to believe she is now in 4th! We have made it!! I am so very thankful to live in a BIG homeschool community (my church included). Very blessed in that area!

A quick run down of what each of the kids will be doing this year.

Landon (11th)
Worldview 2, Chemistry, Gov/Eco: These are taken away from home.
At home he will have Algebra 2, Spanish, Vocab

Joshua (7th)
Starting Points (start of Worldview), Art, History and Science: These will be taken away from home.
At home he will have Math and Spelling/Voc

Both the boys Worldview classes include Lit, writing papers, History and Bible, etc....a GREAT CLASS! They both took a writing class last year...Joshua will take an Essay class next year.

Chloe (4th)
From above, she will take Art and Sign Language away from home. She takes her Signing class at our church...
At home she will get her core work: Math, Language, Science and History (all Abeka)
A mixture of BJU and Wordly Wise for spelling/Voc
Writing, reading and Bible

We will have a busy year...some days I feel ready, and others not so much.

As many people know we have been fostering a little girl....she just turned one and we are getting ready to adopt her...I am often asked if I will home school her as well..I think I will. I go back and forth...I hate to think I won't, when I did for my kids. I guess I have a few years to think about it:)

Here is to a new school year!!