Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Weekend Gone...

I have no idea where the hours go on a weekend. All I know is that they seem to fly by! I sure wish they didn't. We had a great weekend so can't complain too much.

Tomorrow we start week #4...These past 4 weeks really have gone fast. Looking forward to the many weeks to come. I need to work on the lesson plans for Joshua this week, don't want to get behind in that area...need to work on staying ahead as much as I can.

Should be a fun week! I start my Beth Moore Bible study on Monday night, Awana/youth stuff on Wed, class for Landon on Thursday with the other two having their library time ( I think this week I will work with them on looking up books on the computer and then try to find the books on the shelves, then Friday all morning the kids have Sports Day ( kids look forward to these Fridays as we have a short school day at home:) )

Hope every one has a great week!!


  1. I agree! These weekends are way too short! I hope you have a great week!

    Leslie (from the homeschooling forum) (: