Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Truly Amazing...

We are all adjusting well to our journey at home. Getting things we need done daily, taking much needed breaks and trying to have as much fun as we can in between.

Each day I stand amazed at how well the kids are all doing....

Landon is doing well in his 8th grade year. WOW one year away from high school. How can that be? He is doing well in all his areas, since the higher grades he could really care less for school, but he gets what he know needs to be done, done. Some days are harder than others, but hey it happens. The lit/writing class he takes at the church is not his fave, but I think it is a good thing for him to get to do.

Joshua is a natural learner...both boys are pretty much self led, we have the DVD's for them to have if needed. Thankfully both boys can take their agendas for the day and work thru it all....they come to me when needed and help each other out as well.

Chloe is amazing! I owe SOOOO much to her Kinder teacher at the Christian Academy last year...She totally gave her the start she needed with her reading and everything else! Chloe is a great learner.....she is so independent, I still think she needs to be right by me, but some days she will beg to do her work in her room like the boys get to.....I let her but still try to keep her close:) The other day Joshua was doing his History on the trampoline, Chloe asked if she could....I told her soon:)

I hope to now that the weather is nicer, to plan picnics to the park and do our schooling outside some...should be fun. I truly enjoy the no home work at night, and the too early mornings and the freedom we have.

Very Blessed!

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