Sunday, August 8, 2010

Things for Chloe....

Chloe made the cover:) Here is where I will try to keep papers for each subject loaded and ready to pull out each day for her workboxes. I think this will help me alot! I have all my "extras" for her boxes in a crate that I will pull from as well, to change it up.
I am working on one for Boys as well. But they probably won't care:P

I am doing this for Joshua as well. A daily conduct sheet. I will fill it in and let them color in the face under Behavior and they will have to show dad when he gets home. I need to come up with a good reward system after they fill a page (2 weeks worth) IF they do well.

Math Sheets ready to pull and other subects all ready.

Trying something new with Chloe this year. The Science notebook will be for Science Experiments. She will list all material, steps, what she thinks will happen, what happens and why...Also this has all the daily sheets to go with her book.
This year I plan on devoting a week to Science, then a week of History and so on. I feel this will give us a better chance to really dig deep and learn the material, making Fridays or Experiment Days

Daily Writing Section. I found these neat monthly Journal entries we will try. Also she has her cursive work, and other fun writing sheets and Bible copy work. All with in a hands reach for mom. I really think this will be nice.

Doing this with all the kids...will mainly do a spreadsheet list for Landon, since he is in high school and I really need to list everything. But this sheet will work for the other two. It will also be neat to see how much they read during the school year.

For Spelling Used Abeka last year..But I like this better..It works on Voc mainly, but Chloe will also have to spell the words to me.

This is the daily Devotion Chloe will do each morning, along with changing it our with her Awana book for church. It is a cute little book, and something we will keep for years to come and look back on.

And...Music this year...We are going to TRY to learn the recorder...remember these:) I will try to do it with both Joshua and Chloe. Shall see how it works.

There you have it. I am so ready to start school!


  1. You are so organized! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. Thanks Robin, I don't think I really am. But I am trying. I wish I could do so much more.

  3. Everything looks great!! I love the reading log and the daily report sheets! I can't wait to start school either! Only 3 weeks away!

  4. Thanks Leslie! I sure hope the daily report sheets do the trick, deal with me is IF I start them I need to USE them always! Good luck to you. We will start on Monday next week.

  5. Wow! That looks great! :) Sounds like you are going to have a great year.