Saturday, January 9, 2010


On Monday I am going to start the workbox system with Chloe. I pray that this will encourage more independent work and will make our school days run smoother. No longer should I hear, what is next? Am I done yet? I hope anyway:)

Chloe is really excited to start. We shall see how it goes. I have the boxes filled for our first day, and will make a list of what I would like to use the rest of the week, so filling the boxes at the end of each day will not take as long. I already have a lesson plan made out weekly it will just take some time filling in those extra slots with stuff to do. I hope to start using the stuff that just sits in the school closet untouched. So many times I think to bring something out, but I always put it off and then it never is brought out. This system will hold me accountable for making sure the boxes are all filled for the next day, and get me to get those forgotten items out.

Here is a run down of what I have...I am excited to think of different things to use each day and work this system for our needs.

#1 New Spelling List (Write Words 3 times each)
#2 Science With Mom
#3 Math Test
#4 Art: Latch Hook
#5 Flashcards with Mom
#6 Reader with Mom
#7 Language Sheets
#8 Phonics Charts with Mom
#9 Review of flashcards..LOVE these things!!
#10 Journal

Wish us luck!!


  1. hey - your boxes look great! I LOVE the cart!! I'm sure this will be great for Chloe! Look forward to hearing how it goes!

  2. Thanks so much!!! I am so excited to try these:) Changing things up make all the difference.