Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day #3 Tomorrow!

Is it Friday yet?? Mom here is just tired. As I am sure everyone else is.

Day one of Workboxes with Chloe went well. We only made it past box 6 of 10..bad huh? Today we did much better, we made it all the way to the last box. Chloe was very happy! Today she even skipped the "fun" box so she could move on. Wonder how long that will last.

I am researching Workboxes for the boys. Maybe not to the extent of the ones with Chloe but to try and add more "fun" things to their day. We shall see how that goes.

Tomorrow is day 3 and I am all set up and ready to go....will Chloe??

Box 1 Comprehension Worksheets
Box 2 A Beka Health
Box 3 Reader
Box 4 Pattern Blocks
Box 5 A Beka Math
Box 6 A Beka Spelling
Box 7 Art...A Beka, this is Joshua's book but should be able to work it for Chloe as well.
Box 8 Flashcards
Box 9 A Beka Phonics
Box 10 Journal


  1. I am glad it is going so well! The boxes look great and I am excited to see all the things you are going to do with them!

  2. Thanks Leslie! So far so good.