Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Workbox Wed!

See other work boxers post their boxes for Wed. So here we go:)

#1 Spelling 2 times each
#2 A Beka Math
#3 Blend Worksheet
#4 A Beka Reader
#5 Journal
#6 Clock Practice with a new book
#7 Review Spelling Flash Cards
#8 A Beka Language Sheet
#9 Phonics Worksheet
#10 Science Workbook


  1. Looks great! What kinds of things do you do with the journal? Also, where did you get the science workbook? It looks neat!

  2. Hey Leslie!

    In her journal, I get Chloe to draw and pic and write about it in her words...now its cute as some words are not spelled right, but that is ok. Today she wrote and drew about her bday party she wants for her 7th bday:)
    I like the journal if anything it gets them to practice writing.

    The science book I picked up along with 3 others in the dollar spot at Target! They are cute..some reading and little worksheet type things. WE mainly do the A Beka Science book but it is nice to change it up every once in a while:)