Friday, January 22, 2010

New Week!

I am ready for the new week...but very thankful it is Friday. This week with the workboxes went well. Still lots to learn and do. But we will get there. I am really trying to get more things together for the kids for Art and really want to do more experiments. So I am thinking once a week do a science experiment and two times a week have something planed for art...we shall see..the pictures are all in wrong order but you get the point:) I did pick up a few books at the library with time, money and measuring to throw in the boxes this week. I really think Chloe will like them. I hope anyway!

Here are the boxes set up for Monday..A lot of "mom" boxes so we shall see how it goes.

The boys are doing great at getting things done. Landon my oldest is FINALLY getting it I think! Lately he is working on next days work to get ahead and he is loving it! He is very happy to have the weekend FREE:) Lets hope he keeps it up!

Have a great Weekend!!!

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