Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am TRYING!!!

Little by little to make this journey fun. I am so not the craft/messy person that comes along with crafts..But I am trying! I told myself hey one a week is FINE right:) I will try hard to have them more often.

This week, Chloe has been learning about the parts of plants...So we went to the store and got a few things for the kids to plant some seeds, lets hope they grow! Chloe had a BLAST!!!

I am hoping to pick up the boxes to start getting them ready to do the work box system with Chloe. I really think this system will get me using the things I have been wanting to but keep putting them off. I so want her to have fun...I need to see about doing something like it with Joshua (4th) but it is hard. Today I had him use Spelling City with his Spelling words and he really liked was DIFFERENT!

Trying to come up with different things is a job in itself but will be worth it, I really think it will make the days run better. We can hope..

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