Thursday, July 28, 2011

New School Year

We will be starting our third year of schooling at home on Monday, August 1st. I really want to get an early start this year in hopes of staying ahead and to be able to take a break when we finally get some nice weather. This Texas summer has been a HOT one.

I pretty much have everything in order. I am excited to start a new year...and believe it or not I am not as stressed about it as I have in the past. Maybe it does get easier each year?

Plans for the first week:

Landon: Spanish, Math, Spelling/Voc, Health and reading for his Essay class he will be taking.

Joshua: Math, Spelling/Voc, Health and reading

Chloe: Math, Spelling, Health and reading along with her grammar review book.

I plan on doing Health together with Joshua and Chloe and knock it out before we start up our regular Science class.

The 2nd week we will go full force.

So here we go..........

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